As a result of intensive training and cooperation with medical specialists and trained Schroth therapists BSPTS physiotherapists, we offer scoliosis patients state-of-the-art scoliosis corsets. Scoliosis therapy involving a corset in close cooperation with patients, doctors, physiotherapists and orthopedic technicians is a comprehensive therapy concept of the very highest quality. Chêneau corsets and nBrace scoliosis night corsets are manufactured by us – individually for each patient – on the basis of the latest international scientific findings by the manufacturer Ortholutions.
For us, constructive contact to the physician and the Schroth physiotherapist including feedback on the progress of the treatment is always of great importance.

Scoliosis corsets for children and adolescents
at Ergonomic Care GmbH Munich

Right from the first appointment, we take plenty of time for our patients who have scoliosis. We would like to get to know you and your child well and will then carry out the measure and the 3-D scan of the torso. The determined measurements and x-rays of your child’s spine are transmitted to the manufacturer Ortholutions. A team of experts checks all the data from a biomechanical perspective and then produces the scoliosis corset. The qualified orthopedic technicians of Ergonomic Care GmbH in Munich will then perform the fitting of the scoliosis corset at a second appointment. During this appointment, all questions will be answered and a wearing schedule worked out.

Acclimatization and wearing time

This is about physical and psychological acclimatization for the entire family. Children and adolescents with scoliosis need time to familiarize themselves with the new feeling of their body when wearing a corset. Also the acceptance among family and friends plays a decisive role for the corset to be accepted and worn. “It is important that everyone is familiar with the new situation and understands what is happening,” says Martin Gärtner of Ergonomic Care.

In addition, the scoliosis patient should learn to breathe into the open spaces within the scoliosis corset. Experienced Schroth BSPTS physiotherapists help in this respect.

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